About Us

Welcome to VIRUS GUARD!

At Virus Guard we come to work every day with a single aim, to save lives. Our products are far from ordinary disinfectants as they are formulated to solve the biggest battle against most known viruses, bacterias. We offer the most effective up to 10 days disinfection product range that helps airlines & hospitality industry lower their risks of contaminated aircraft and hotel rooms, which could result in infected passengers & guests. Our products are great works of research and highly effective formulations for Aircraft cabin, Airports & Hotels to reduce germs, their transfer, and contamination in public areas such as lavatories, galleys, tray tables, window blinds, overhead bins, door handles, airport lounges among other areas. With us, any airline, airport, hotel and transit hub would perfectly protect its passengers against germs, any form of contaminations as well as infections. ​

If you are still unsure about our products contact us and we promise not to infect you with any virus!


Virus- Guard All in One uses most advanced and individual chemical formulation & packaging technology, taking into account the efficacy of our products. We practice and pray innovation.

Chemicals produced in Germany

Our Chemicals are produced in Germany under high standard Quality controls to ensure our products meet international testing standards

Packaging in Romania

Our Products are packed in Romania under strict GMP standards to ensure ‘Good packaging protects our product, Virus Guard protects your TRUST’

Partner Production in Denmark

We deliver to all Scandinavian countries thru our partner production centre in Denmark

Logistics Center in Turkey

Our logistics center in Turkey ensures timely delivery, our team is stubborn on DELIVERY but Flexible on ADDRESS

Research & Development

Our R&D Team is biting into every virus, bacteria for LIVING to keep you SAFE