Virusjet Diffuser
Virusjet Diffuser
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Virusjet Diffuser

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The VirusJet Diffuser speeds up disinfection and makes it a lot more Safer & Effective.

The VirusJet delivers a dry mist of Disinfection Chemical that coats all surfaces without making surface wet hence removes the need to further wipe after use. It is fitted with a patented venturi diffusion nozzle that allows the disinfectant to be in contact, by displacement, with surfaces being treated, including those which appear inaccessible. One of the most powerful and effective ULV machines in the market.

BETTER THAN MANUAL: Experts agree that careful cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces are essential elements of effective infection prevention programs. However, traditional manual cleaning and disinfection practices in hospitals are often suboptimal. This is often due in part to a variety of personnel issues that many Environmental Services departments encounter. 

FAST AND EFFECTIVE: Virusjet Diffuser lets you spray lots of disinfection liquid on short notice. It's a super-fast and reasonable solution for disinfecting vast swathes of area. Be it a school, hospital, factory, or your own house, it gets done with it before you know it.

NO TOUCH: The “no-touch” technologies have been shown to reduce bacterial contamination of surfaces such is the case with VirusJet. Manual disinfection of surfaces using currently available disinfectants is inadequate, and that newer approaches to disinfection are necessary especially with the COVID19 outbreak in many care homes, hotels & hospitals.


VirusJet – ‘No Touch’ System treats rooms up to 1000m3.

  • Electric turbine 1,000 Watt ULV
  • Average flow: 1,000 ml/h
  • Voltage 110V / 220V
  • Droplet Size 3 - 5 microns
  • Rotation speed 22 000 tr/min
  • Net Weight 6,2 kg
  • Mist output speed 80 m/sec
  • Manufactured to ISO
  • CE Certified
  • Automatic stop
  • Portable
  • Integrated programmer to start treatment automatically